We can Build Your Home

From The Ground Up

Our rates are affordable, and we offer a reliable service for all types of homes and buildings. We offer a complete contracting service, making Burbill Refurbishers your point of call for all your building needs.
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We have introduced dignity

To The Affordable Housing Market

We Strongly believe that Affordable does not denote cheap quality,
every home owner should be proud of their home, their Legacy.

Who We Are

We are Burbill Refurbishers & Contractors, an innovative building services providing company that came into existence at the dawn of the year 2012.

We at Burbill Refurbishers started off simply as a building maintenance firm but over the years we have grown from strength-to-strength.

We now provide a more than satisfactory, complete Construction Service that is better or equal to the competition in the market.

Objectives, Vision & Mission Statement

• Provide a quality building service
• Provide a total building maintenance service
• Provide a professional building service
• Provide a building maintenance and contracting service that is affordable
• Provide a reliable logistical support service to clients
• Provide an efficient service that responds timely

In pursuance of the above objectives we have engaged qualified, professionals and specialist personnel who will guarantee high quality service delivery in every instance.

It is also our policy to participate viably in the economy and to practice fair business ethics. We at Burbill employ specialised professionals who carry out an efficient service that reduces the time and intends to keep costs at a bare minimum and therefore, be able to pass onto the client these benefits. This is ensured by employing specialisation and duty allocation within the company for every department of maintenance within it’s’ area of business.

Our Values & Philosophy

We have a passion for Social Impact projects that positively enrich societies.In particular, the Low Income Housing segment of the market is an area of Expertise for us.We formulate suitable affordable housing plans that are tailored to meet our clients needs.

Via economically smart architectural designs, supportive supplier relationships and modern finishes we have introduced dignity to the Affordable housing market. We Strongly believe that affordable does not denote Cheap quality. Every home owner should be proud of their home, their Legacy.

“We go to great lengths”

• Our approach is the same irrespective of the type of client or the value of the project.
• We feel that the first step to meeting a challenge or solving a problem is to understand it fully. For complex engineering or environmental challenges the information is not always at hand. We go to great lengths to find it.
• Our business is built on relationships -the client-consultant team works best when a good relationship exists and the goal is clearly defined. This is one major reason why our clients return time and time again.

The Team

Eulla Mazhawidza

She holds an administrative qualification from Harare Polytechnic. Has over 15 years of experience administrating a hair care business before she joined the team. She is skilled in tax submissions and project arrangement.

Vusa Chimanikire
Sales Manager

Vusa has an LLB Law Degree from Nelson Mandela University. He has been the Sales Director for Unibikes South Africa, worked as a Policy and Research Designer in Port Elizabeth South Africa and has experience in Client relationships that include individual and institutions such as Local Authorities. Vusa has a firm understanding of Financial Services and structuring. Vusa has been with the Company since its inception.

Nigel Mahachi
Legal Officer

He holds a BA in Economics and a LLB Law Degree Rhodes University. Nigel has years of experience in the legal fraternity . He has worked for Manase & Manase as well as Anchor Yeast. Nigel has experience in deal structuring and ensuring legal compliance.

Charles Linzi
Projects Manager

He holds a Construction Management qualification from Harare Polytechnic. Has over 21 years of experience in the construction industry. Charles introduced our multi housing unit conveyor belt system that allows us to build 40 affordable housing units to completion within just 38 days.

"More than 30 years in Construction & Project Management Collectively in our Core team"

These are the neat type of houses on offer via the National Building Society affordable housing mortgages (Gweru Housing Scheme)

President Emmerson Mnangagwa